What people are saying

IMG_9824“Thank you, Summer Rose, for organizing Rachel’s new room today! The open energy, the flow, the empty drawers, the special spot for everything, and of course, the files! We love it all and want to stay up all night looking at it! You are the best organizer in town. Out with old and in with the new! Yippie! Thank you. We love you!”

Danielle Lansburgh – Hollywood, FL

“Summer has been a colleague, and for hire consultant for me for years. Organization and creating systems is her strength. From getting my client flow from billing, to file access, to calendar function, to reporting – she created a seamless structure and also flew through the data entry at lightning speed. She also organized my non-digital life! My closets, my drawers, anything where things were stored was re-organized in a way that made sense by Summer. She has a mind and unique ability to assess a situation, chunk it, and organize it into a system that you can use. She is the BEST! I highly recommend you get organized with Summer.”

Michael Savage – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

member_47584512“Summer is magical. She is the best organizer in the world. She made my closet so beautiful, making it so easy for me to find my clothes and get dressed every day. I thought that after Summer organized my closet, it would naturally become a mess again; I was wrong. The feeling of having such a magnificent, clean, and organized closet was so incredible that I wanted to hold onto it forever. I keep my closet beautiful and organized in order to keep that feeling. You must hire her! She’s the best.”

Sarah Madison – Los Angeles, CA

IMG_9495“Thank you for helping me organize, Summer! I’m on cloud nine from the momentum! So love working with you! I’m thrilled with our progress!”

Michelle Ester – New York, NY

IMG_8823“Summer is the van Gogh of closet organizers.”

Gabriel Dizon – New York, NY

IMG_9825“Summer did an incredible job reorganizing my overly cluttered room and closet. She was the mastermind behind my new, beautifully set room. My room is so spacious now, and I feel more freedom and clarity than ever as a result of her skills.”

Brandon Workman – Gainesville, FL

Josh Rieders“Summer Rose took what was complex and made it simple. After moving, she helped us efficiently organize everything. I was lucky to have her help.”

Josh Rieders – New York, NY

Whitney-and-Josh“Before I hired Summer to declutter my closet and my apartment, I thought I was going to have to move. After donating so much clothing, throwing out so much trash, and reorganizing the space, I realized that I didn’t have to move to a new, larger apartment. We’re so grateful hiring Star Organizers saved us the expense of moving and the monthly increased rent on a larger apartment in New York City.”

Whitney & Josh – New York, NY

DorrieRosenstein“Best phone call (text) I’ve ever made! Summer has made our apartment so organized and clean and lean. She is our family’s angel of de-clutter; my kids will actually throw things away with her; with me they won’t. She is as professional as she is pleasant and capable and if there were a 10 star recommendation, I’d go 10.”

Dorrie Rosenstein – New York, NY

TeresaStephenson“Summer is the absolute best. I’m amazed by her skill and energy. I was so happy when we finished organizing my apartment. I moved in a couple of months ago and the place was never quite right. Now there is a place for everything (without having to go out and buy any expensive organization systems) and it’s so easy to keep it organized! It has actually changed how I feel in my apartment and really affected the quality of my life. Thank you, Summer!”

Teresa Stephenson – New York, NY

DiniRao“Summer totally transformed our home. I was skeptical that with two young kids, a cat and three adults living in a small NYC home that we could ever think of our house as clean and organized but she blew me away with her skills. She works quickly, pleasantly and without being pushy helps you prioritize and organize the important things in your home. My husband was so worried about getting rid of anything but now that our house is clutter free and we can actually find the things we love, even he is inspired to put things away. So, so happy we found Summer!! We will definitely use her again and again.”

Dini Rao – Brooklyn, NY