What people are saying

IMG_9824“Thank you, Summer Rose, for organizing Rachel’s new room today! The open energy, the flow, the empty drawers, the special spot for everything, and of course, the files! We love it all and want to stay up all night looking at it! You are the best organizer in town. Out with old and in with the new! Yippie! Thank you. We love you!”

Danielle Lansburgh – Hollywood, FL

“Summer has been a colleague, and for hire consultant for me for years. Organization and creating systems is her strength. From getting my client flow from billing, to file access, to calendar function, to reporting – she created a seamless structure and also flew through the data entry at lightning speed. She also organized my non-digital life! My closets, my drawers, anything where things were stored was re-organized in a way that made sense by Summer. She has a mind and unique ability to assess a situation, chunk it, and organize it into a system that you can use. She is the BEST! I highly recommend you get organized with Summer.”

Michael Savage – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

member_47584512“Summer is magical. She is the best organizer in the world. She made my closet so beautiful, making it so easy for me to find my clothes and get dressed every day. I thought that after Summer organized my closet, it would naturally become a mess again; I was wrong. The feeling of having such a magnificent, clean, and organized closet was so incredible that I wanted to hold onto it forever. I keep my closet beautiful and organized in order to keep that feeling. You must hire her! She’s the best.”

Sarah Madison – Los Angeles, CA

IMG_9495“Thank you for helping me organize, Summer! I’m on cloud nine from the momentum! So love working with you! I’m thrilled with our progress!”

Michelle Ester – New York, NY

IMG_8823“Summer is the van Gogh of closet organizers.”

Gabriel Dizon – New York, NY

IMG_9825“Summer did an incredible job reorganizing my overly cluttered room and closet. She was the mastermind behind my new, beautifully set room. My room is so spacious now, and I feel more freedom and clarity than ever as a result of her skills.”

Brandon Workman – Gainesville, FL

Josh Rieders“Summer Rose took what was complex and made it simple. After moving, she helped us efficiently organize everything. I was lucky to have her help.”

Josh Rieders – New York, NY

Whitney-and-Josh“Before I hired Summer to declutter my closet and my apartment, I thought I was going to have to move. After donating so much clothing, throwing out so much trash, and reorganizing the space, I realized that I didn’t have to move to a new, larger apartment. We’re so grateful hiring Star Organizers saved us the expense of moving and the monthly increased rent on a larger apartment in New York City.”

Whitney & Josh – New York, NY

CatherineRossGlaser“I hired Summer as a professional organizer during a very difficult time in my life to dismantle a very large estate. We had a lot to do in a short period of time. Summer is highly professional, incredibly supportive, very thoughtful, and nothing was too much for her to handle – from the most difficult, tactile situations to the mundane; nothing was beneath her. She has a very vast skill set and wore many hats from coordinating donations to the movers to selling furniture, clothing and other items to clearing out and packing up storage units. She helped make the tough decisions easier. Summer solved every problem that came up at a moment’s notice, and she was amazing at strategizing and anticipating problems before they arose.

Summer worked long hours into the night, with a smile, and got everything done timely.

She was constantly juggling many aspects of the estate, but as the client, I never felt the craziness from her. She was always calm, collected and in control. There were no surprises other than, ‘Wow! You have that ability, too!’

She had enormous respect for the estate and was professional while being personable at the same time. While this was a difficult and terrible time, one of the highlights of my life was working with her. I am so grateful to Summer and highly recommend her.”

Catherine Ross Glaser – New York, NY

DorrieRosenstein“Best phone call (text) I’ve ever made! Summer has made our apartment so organized and clean and lean. She is our family’s angel of de-clutter; my kids will actually throw things away with her; with me they won’t. She is as professional as she is pleasant and capable and if there were a 10 star recommendation, I’d go 10.”

Dorrie Rosenstein – New York, NY

TeresaStephenson“Summer is the absolute best. I’m amazed by her skill and energy. I was so happy when we finished organizing my apartment. I moved in a couple of months ago and the place was never quite right. Now there is a place for everything (without having to go out and buy any expensive organization systems) and it’s so easy to keep it organized! It has actually changed how I feel in my apartment and really affected the quality of my life. Thank you, Summer!”

Teresa Stephenson – New York, NY

DiniRao“Summer totally transformed our home. I was skeptical that with two young kids, a cat and three adults living in a small NYC home that we could ever think of our house as clean and organized but she blew me away with her skills. She works quickly, pleasantly and without being pushy helps you prioritize and organize the important things in your home. My husband was so worried about getting rid of anything but now that our house is clutter-free and we can actually find the things we love, even he is inspired to put things away. So, so happy we found Summer!! We will definitely use her again and again.”

Dini Rao – Brooklyn, NY

Veenu-Keller“I used Star Organizers 4 years ago. I must say that after Summer left, I felt so great. To have a closet I can walk into, a beautiful living room that had no clutter and rooms that felt so open was so worth it. Now 4 years later I am still using the strategies that she taught me. I love that it wasn’t a 1 time clean out, but more of a strategy session on each room to keep the changes sustainable 4 years later. I can’t express enough the value you will get when you have Star Organizers come and re-organize, declutter and coach you on how to keep your space open and clean.”

Veenu Keller – Jacksonville, NC

Allyson-Hawkins-Ward“Downsizing from 4500 square feet to 1846 square feet was a daunting task until Summer came on the scene. She worked her magic in helping me to continue to eliminate some items I had been holding on to and then organizing what remained in a way that made my new home a joy to live in.

Since we work from home, it was critical to have it up and running quickly. Our last move took three months to get the house organized. This time it took four days. She is so pleasant and has the nicest way of suggesting perhaps there are some things you can let go of. Thanks again, Summer!”

Allyson Hawkins Ward – Washington, D.C.

Chris-Adams“Just fantastic. I’ve basically recovered complete control of my kitchen and my closet, all with a few hours work.”

Chris Adams – Brooklyn, NY

Evan-Miller“Summer is amazing. She has a fantastic way of finding a place for every item in my home and closets that make for an aesthetically pleasing effect. She guided me through sorting what I wanted to keep versus what I wanted to let go of. I use her services, especially during times when I am moving. I highly recommend her to clean your home, closets, office spaces, and anything else that could use professional organizing!”

Evan Miller – New York, NY

Siena-Rumbough“Summer has quickly become one of my new favorite people. Life is so much easier now! I absolutely love my new closet and kitchen! My apartment has gotten a major makeover and I could not be more thrilled. Thanks to Summer’s incredible efficiency, eye for detail, life hacks, and fun company, I actually know what I own. Everything has a rightful home now and it’s super easy to maintain.”

Siena Rumbough – New York, NY

Jay-Biss“Summer helped me in my recent move. She knew exactly what to do and was instrumental in helping me get quickly organized in the new location. She helped me let go of some old items that weren’t worth keeping, and showed me more efficient ways of organizing myself. She also gave me lots of insight tips on organization. It was a breeze working with her and she adds a lot of value to even the most organized person (I think I’m organized, but there is always another level).”

Jay Biss – Newark, NJ

Morris-Moving“As a moving and storage company, it is always a pleasure to work with Star Organizers. We can attest that they are an organizing company that truly cares about putting their clients best interest first.

Summer Rose has an innate ability of being a true professional while being personable at the same time. We can count on her to be readily available; always keeping in touch to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. She easily comes up with creative ideas to declutter and organize a home, while taking into consideration and planning for the specifics of the particular space.

When working with Summer and her team, we can be certain of an always-stellar move. Selfishly, Morris Moving can always count on a 5 star rating from our clients when Star Organizers is on the job!”

Morris Moving – New York, NY

Heema-Khedr“Summer’s service was excellent. She was extremely thorough and made the process of decluttering actually enjoyable. My apartment has never looked better. I could not recommend Summer and Star Organizers more highly!”

Heema Khedr – New York, NY

Mary-Catherine-Beck-Goolsby“Wow, where to begin with Summer’s help… she is so professional, considerate of your time, space, and things. I would highly recommend using Summer to help with your organizing projects — she efficiently and effectively transformed my chaotic home into calm.”

Mary Catherine Beck-Goolsby – New York, NY

Steve-Dawson“Star Organizers is the best resource I have when it comes to preparing a home for sale! As a real estate agent in NYC, I see it all and Summer has been instrumental in creating spaces that are clean and organized which help me sell homes in less time and for more money. Summer is calm and patient, and with my clients, that is paramount. I can’t recommend her more highly!”

Steve Dawson – New York, NY

Laurin-Seiden“Summer’s an amazing organizer. She’s definitely somebody I highly recommend you bring in your space to clean out and sort through what’s really most important to you. It will help you have your energy and your priorities clear.

I always manifest and create something new from our time together. I’ve been using Summer for over a decade. I always find I know exactly what to wear, I can find things easily, and my day starts out fresh and better.

I also love having Summer organize my computer; she’s so tech savvy and helps me create systems to know where everything is. She gives me the certainty that I have a real strategy for everything in life. I totally trust Summer. She’s always super helpful.”

Laurin Seiden – Los Angeles, CA